Sunday, February 15, 2009

My 1st Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day my mom and dad took me to Fargo and we played at the Dinosaur playland in the mall. I had such a great time! There were lots of screaming kids there, so we didn't stay that long, but Mom promised that we'd go back during the week when it wasn't so busy! Mommy also made me wear a shirt that said "Born to Break Hearts"...she is so silly!

I loved to crawl through the Lava!

I had so much fun playing with all the dinosaurs!

This is me crawling through one of the tunnels!

I had so much fun at dinosaur playland!

My mom's friend, Kari, and her boyfriend Mike came to see me play...I haven't seen them for a very long time!

This is me walking through the Dinosaur Playland! I am getting really good at moving around!

My Daddy got my Mommy some flowers and this balloon for Valentine's Day...but Daddy told me that the balloon was really for me! I loved it!

I just realized that when I'm walking around, I can hold Mommy's hand! It's so fun!

I just learned to give kisses..I really like to grab mommy's face really tight, open my mouth REALLY wide and plant a sloppy, spitty kiss on Mommy! Mom and Dad both love kisses like that!

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