Friday, March 16, 2012

Winter randoms

 Andrew was in meetings in Fargo during the "big blizzard" a couple weeks Grandpa Randy came out and saved the day with the tractor!  He invited Mason to "bucket snow" with him - mason had SUCH a great time with Grandpa Randy!

 He was so excited to have Grandpa all to himself!

 Daddy and his babies...(the cutest kids EVER!)

 Tory and Auntie Kathy came to visit one day...the kids had so much fun with them!

 Mason - you are weird.

 Andrew FINALLY went through his closet and got rid of small items...Mason was in love with them! :)  Andrew used to rock out in this Poison shirt...and now Mason can.  Yipee!

This suit coat was worn by Randy at his First Communion, and also at Andrew's 1st Communion!  Hopefully Mason can wear it as well!

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