Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mason's Birthday Party - #2

We let Mason have a "friend" birthday party this year - he was SO EXCITED.  We invited Ethan, Colston, Kaisen, Kallen, Trevor, and Brody!  (5 of the six he was related to! :)

 Mommy and Mason made the Scooby Doo cupcakes and the green slime (thanks, Pinterest!) for party favors.  They turned out AMAZING!

 Our 4-year old!

 Waiting so patiently for all his friends to show up!

 The birthday boy and Mom.

 Getting a little amped up here!

 Eating lunch and cake with all his friends!


 Just had to get a picture with this little guy - he was having so much fun (note the RED cheeks!)

 Opening presents

 Ethan and Colston gave mason Bey Blades - SO AWESOME.
Every day Mason will say to one of us "Hey Mom/Dad, will you battle with me?"

 Mason's "Best Friend" Kaisen - they are DOUBLE TROUBLE.

 Getting ready to go outside with the Nordick boys

 the three amigos - Kallen, Kaisen and Mason

Playing outside on the "mountain" :)

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