Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mason's 4th Birthday! part I

Party #1 :)

 Mason and Mommy made his birthday cake! 
(and Mommy is having so much fun learning how to use her new camera! :)

 Opening his gift from Mommy, Daddy and Adlee...
 "Mom!  It's...A...JUMPY THING!"
 Hopefully this will wear him out and expel some of that high energy!

 Buzz got to jump too!

 time for food with the Mauch's!


 The B Mauch's gave mason a pirate costume...and he didn't take it off for 3 days.  
(we made him take it off to bath!)

 hahaha are so funny!

 Adlee taking in all the chaos!

 Such a great picture of Mason and his [Mauch] cousins!

 blowing out the candles...

 The next morning (actual birthday)...BIRTHDAY PANCAKES!

 He got "Cars 2", a scooby doo game for his leap pad, and a cars scooter!

 Miss A enjoying some birthday cake pancakes as well!

 Daddy and Mason played outside all afternoon on his birthday!  We could tell he was in need of a nap when he was crying in every picture :)

 Happy 4th Birthday Mason!  WE LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!

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  1. Happy birthday Mason! William had a good birthday, too.