Thursday, March 1, 2012

snowy days

We have been keeping pretty busy this winter...excited for spring to come!  Andrew and Mason go outside to play a couple times a week - Mason has such a great time.  Next year, Adlee can go out and play too!

Mason received a new sled...and decided to sleep with it EVERY NIGHT.

Daddy and Mason trying to help mom get a "snow flake" picture!

 Our little diva!

 I don't know who gets more excited to four wheel in the snow...Daddy or Mason?!? :)

 Mommy was taking pictures through the window and Daddy was trying to throw snow balls at Mommy!
 Daddy is smiling as the snow ball (see it?) aims right for mom!

 Daddy and Mason - such best buds.


Adlee - we love you so much.  But the fact that you threw up on your Daddy's face makes us love you EVEN MORE! :) :)

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