Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mason Birthday Party #3

Apparently we must love our son because we let him have THREE 4TH BIRTHDAY PARTIES!
Party #3 was held at the waterpark in Casselton - it was a joint party with cousin Ethan!
Grandma Violet with Adlee
so cute!
Mason and Coley swimming together
Grandma JUST HAD to have a strawberry milkshake...and what Grandma wants, Grandma GETS!
The birthday boys!

They each got Bey Blade "stuff" - they were SO EXCITED!
Mason gets so excited when opening gifts...
Mason with Gpa Rod
Mason with Auntie Kathy
Swimming with cousin Jessica
Aunt Barb and Uncle Jon! (Jessica's parents)
Mason and Grandpa Dave
Hugs for Grandma Violet
Gma Violet with Ethan!
Adlee had SO MUCH FUN in the pool - I can't wait to take her again!
All smiles in the pool!
Adlee having so much fun with Uncle Matt
The boys!

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