Friday, March 5, 2010

Birthday Party Picture Overload

Here are the pictures from my big birthday pool party last Sunday...I had such a great time! There were soooo many pictures taken that day...these pictures are in random order!
Happy Birthday to me!

Mommy and I doing our "fish face" impression - she is way better at it than I am!

Playing one of my favorite games - "keep the cup on the head"...Mommy always wins!

My mom is silly!

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

Grandma Kathy helping me pop the balloon!

we'll try sitting on would think that since I weight 33 lbs I could easily pop a balloon - but no luck!

Time for swimming!

Hanging out with Carter in the coat pile! About 33 coats is very comfortable! :)

Telling Carter a good story!

Time to open presents! All my cousins were helping me!

Elmo stickers!!

Some of my family at my party!

Mmmmm cake!

Oh I love the cake so much!

This frosting is awesome...I want more!

Frosting everywhere!

Swimming again!

Swimming in the kiddie pool with cousin Ethan!

A birthday pic with Mommy.

Family bday pic!

My cousin Colston - we are best buds!

Yes - Mom let me have another cupcake! I couldn't get enough!

Once again - frosting all over!

Opening presents with Grandpa Randy!

Yes, even more cake!

Some of the Mauch cousins helping me open my gifts!

Instead of a "koolaid mustache" or a "milk mustache"...
I have a "Frosting Mustache"!!!

Mom and Dad had a take a picture with me and all my frosting!

Extreme Closeup!

Yep - you guessed it...MORE CAKE!

My birthday cupcake!

Showing some attitude to cousin "Ja-Ja" (Jazzy) on the slide

Walking myself back to the party room - I was so tired from having such a fun birthday!

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