Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kendall's Birthday Party and more!

Guess where we went last weekend? Yep - you guessed right, another birthday party for one of my cousins. Having 17 1st cousins is getting to be very busy! :) We had a great time - Kendall turned 11 so we went to the Fargo Zoo - it was so awesome! I rode the carousel about 15 times - so fun!

I also started swimming lessons this week - the first class went okay until we had to get out of the pool for the next class...I didn't want to get out, I wanted to stay and swim some more! Good thing we are taking a family vaca to Fargo this weekend and staying in a hotel so I can swim for three days straight - yay! We are also going to the Circus Friday evening...should be interesting!

Daddy and I riding the carousel...Mommy wanted to ride but when she tried she got sick!

Every time we would go up and down I would quietly go "wheeeeeee"!

Look closely, you can see me peeking out of the window to look at the wolves!

Hanging out with Auntie Kari - I love her so much! I wish we could see her more often!

Yeah, more cake!

I can't get enough!

cake cake cake!

At home...and having fun with peach yogurt.

Peach yogurt feels really good on my face and hair!

Yay! Getting ready to jump in the pool at swimming lessons!

Watching the instructor for directions...
Oh I love swimming!
and now we have to get out and I am not happy!

Loving this nice 50 degree weather...I love splashing in the water puddles!

And the mud puddles!

Daddy gave me one of his 100 working hats...I loved it! I wouldn't take it off all day!

Daddy and I getting ready to work hard!

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  1. 17 cousins! Wow!! Swimming lessons look like fun. I need to sign up for those! He is adorable in that hat. Looks like he loved the cake! haha!!