Thursday, March 25, 2010

Muddy days

Yay for Spring! We have been spending a lot more time the "swamp" we have for a front/backyard! I love love love the is so great!
Last weekend we spent the whole weekend at a hotel/waterpark with the Walsvik/Brekken clan...I pretty much swam the whole time!
We also went to the Shrine Circus last friday evening...Daddy and I loved it but I think Mom was ready to leave before it even started! I was able to see a real elephant! Here are some pics from the past weekend!

Showing Mommy all the mud! I'm soooo dirty!

Mommy went in to make supper so Daddy was supposed to be "watching" me outside...well, he finally caught me eating the mud! GROSS.

Swimming with cousin Sydney...we had such a great time!


At the circus...and loving the cotton candy!

Cotton Candy Mustache

Wow - mom never lets me have a lot of this cotton candy is awesome!

Swimming with Daddy..those swim lessons are paying off!

Sitting with Auntie Alana, Kendall and Sydney!

Taking a turn down the waterslide!

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