Monday, February 1, 2010

Family fun

Last Sunday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Mauch's for the big football game - most of my cousins were there! I have been very into football lately...maybe it will be my favorite sport this summer! :)

chillin' at the Hamilton Christmas with my 2nd cousins...Kaisen and Kallen!

There were 5 boys born within 1.5 years on the Hamilton side...Kaisen (2.5), Brekxton (2), myself (almost 2!), Brody (10 months) and Kallen (9 months)! Everyone had fun with all the trains and tractors that I brought to play with!

Sometimes I need someone to help me fall asleep...everytime its Daddy's turn he falls asleep with me! He is the best!

Helping mommy vacuum...I needed to wear my bison helmet for support!

At the big Viking v. Saints fball party...Grandpa spoils me...he would give me any food I wanted!

Mommy and Carter were cheering for the Saints...everytime they scored Carter and Mommy would sing "pants on the ground"...but this time Cody pulled down Carter's cousins are so silly!

Lovin' Grandpa Randy...I'm giving him a huge hug here!

Haha Grandpa Randy is so funny!

My cousin Kya was also able to come and spend the whole day with Mommy and I last week...her mom and dad were on vacation in the Dominican Republic!

After Kya left I was really upset with Mommy...I kept giving her "the look!!"

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