Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

For Valentine's Day weekend we went to Casselton and spent some much-needed time with my cousins, Ethan and Colston! We had such a great time together, I loving playing with them!

Mom, Dad and Uncle Matt took us all over to Central Sales where my Great Uncle Jon works; he let us ride around in a cool pedal tractor!

My turn to drive!

Back at Gma Jan's house; we loved playing together!

I'm showing Colston where the ball is supposed to go!

Ethan and Colston look cute - but I do not know what I am doing back there...:)

Taking a quick picture with mom and dad before they went on their date!

Mom wanted to make sure everyone could see my vday shirt - it says "Cupid is my homeboy!!"

Gma Jan & Rod babysat me so Mom and Dad could go out on a date - they had a great time!

On Sunday we had a family day at my house - Mom got Daddy and I chocolates, she made a heart shaped cake and cupcakes, and we ate a heart shaped pizza! Dad also got me a balloon and Mom some flowers...and I got my first baseball glove and ball! It was a great Vday!

Scarfing down pizza and cupcakes! :)

I had such a fun weekend with my cousins and mom and dad..I feel asleep at about 6p.m. on the couch with Daddy!


  1. Thanks for following my blog. You have a beautiful family. I'll defnitely start following yours as well.

  2. ha, I totally didn't answer your question though. I got my background from a girl named Kelly over at Kelly's corner. She is one of my followers. Her blog is 3 kids a minivan and a lot of love. She made me my background and redid my blog. She is really good at it. She does it now for $25.00 I think??? I'm not positive though. You can find her on my followers.