Friday, February 5, 2010

Family snow day

Mom has been working lots lately, so I've been keeping Dad busy! I have some exciting news...when mom was staying with her best friend Rachel in Bismarck on Wednesday, Rachel asked if I would be her ring bearer in her wedding in June 2011!! I'm so excited!! Mom says she'll have to hide fruit snacks in her bouquet so I will walk down the aisle with the flower girl!
Here are some pictures from our family snow day!

Mom and Dad showing off their orange hats!

Daddy kept throwing snow balls at me!

Loving the snow! I need a sled!

hard-to-see snow angels...Mason & Mommy size.

Loving dumping the snow with my dump truck!

This is so fun! I don't want to go inside ever!

Cheese mommy!

A video of Daddy trying to cover me in snow!

1 comment:

  1. Your family is so cute. I love your sons little snow outfit. Looks like a ton of fun!! Wish we had some snow out here. Just rain rain rain everyday. blah! :)