Monday, January 25, 2010

Big Boy Bed!

Since I have finally figured out how to get out of my crib...Mom and Dad changed my crib over into a toddler bed! It has been an interesting week or two...I used to be so easy to put to bed and now it is a fight every night! When mom, dad and I say our prayers and they put me to bed, I wait until they shut the door and then I run and turn the light on and start banging on the windows and getting into trouble! Mom says I am such a turkey!

I had to run and get my tools so I could help Daddy!

We are so cute! I love my dad so much! I have to do everything just like him!

Visiting family in Sauk Centre...I swam with Daddy in the pool for about 7 hours straight!

We played lots of basketball!

check out my new bed...I can get in and out so easily!

I also have learned how to take my pants off all by myself...woohoo!!!!!!!!!

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