Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekend with the Walsvik boys

Matt, Ethan and Colston came to stay with us for the whole weekend last week! I had such a great time- I loved having playmates! After they left, I would still run into the guest bedroom to see if they were in there...hopefully they will come back and stay soon!!
Colston and Ethan playing in my tent from Grandpa David

We played so well together!

Nighty-night...getting ready for mommy to read us a story!

Ethan and I move so quickly - it was hard for Mommy to get a picture of us together!

Their last morning at our house...Mommy let us watch cartoons for a little bit! Mommy looks funny in the morning!

Daddy read a story to us too!

Now we have to say goodbye...Colston and I hugging for the 65th time that weekend!

Big kisses for Uncle Matt! He's so awesome!

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