Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Fun

We've been keeping busy lately...lots of driving to hang out with friends! Here are some fun pictures from the last couple weeks!

We went to Gabe's house to watch some football...I loved his fish!

Hangin' with the girls - Heather, Betsy and Lani...Gabe's fiance Betsy let me do anything I wanted! Here I am cheering because the Dolphins just scored a touchdown!

One night mom and dad came to check on me before they went to bed...and this is how they found me! I had managed to get one arm out of my pj shirt and fell asleep! I'm so funny!

We went over to my auntie Beth's house one day to jump on her castle...all the other kids went outside to play but it was too cold out for me - I wanted to come in instantly! So Auntie Beth put snow in a bowl for Kaden and myself...who would have thought snow in a bowl would be so much fun!

The jumping fun!!! We'll have to come over more often to jump!!

yay! so fun!

Another silly sleep position mom and dad found me in!

Ben & Beth gave me this vacuum for I can vacuum with mom all the time!

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