Monday, November 30, 2009

A Wyoming Thanksgiving!

For Thanksgiving this year we were able to go to Laramie, Wyoming to see the Berube Family! It was about a 13 hour first big trip! I was able to see parts of South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado & Wyoming! We even got to see a little bit of the Rocky Mountains! I was such a good boy in the car...I watched tv for about 10 hours straight! :)

Packing up Grandma Kathy's van and getting ready to go!
I think I'll start out driving!

Having fun with Nick and Tory - they are the best!

Family picture on the way to Wyoming!
This was my 45 minute would give me energy to stay awake for 12 hours straight!

On Thanksgiving I had a great time playing with everyone, especially Grandpa Rod!

The water bottles were also a big hit with me!

Mommy and Daddy on Thanksgiving!

Mom & Dad at the Berube's new house - they are moving in next week!
Do you see the beginning of the Rockies in the background?

Having some alone time & watching Elmo.

Uncle Matt, Beau Marley and I being silly.

Mom and Dad took me to the Laramie Children's!

Who's that Mauch in the Tee-pee?
It's Me! It's Me!

Swinging the horse round and round!

Auntie Tory gave me Bathtime Elmo - I love love love it! She's such a good "auntie"!!

Playing with ice at the resturant...I was such a naughty boy after this picture was taken! Mom and Dad don't like taking me to resturants one bit...I never sit still!

Some of the gang!

While running around at the resturant, I met a nice lady who gave me a balloon! I sat and flirted with her for about 40 minutes!

Mommy, Uncle Matt & Great Aunt Sheri

The girls on thanksgiving weekend!

Mommy, Daddy and I with Sheri & Bill. We love them so so much!

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