Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday Fun-Day

Last Sunday we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Brekken's for a Sunday full of football & fun! Of course Daddy made us sport our Dolphin Jerseys...and the Dolphins won that day! Daddy was very excited...even though the whole family was laughing at us!

Mommy, Daddy and myself after the games!

Giving everyone kisses...what I do best!

Colston and I - we are the best of friends!

Mom and Dad heard some crunching so they ran into the kitchen...I had helped myself to the chips and was sitting and crunching them in my fingers!

My cousin Ethan and I - he always makes me laugh!

Mom and I went outside during halftime of one of the games to get some fresh air and burn off some energy...Alana, Kendall & Sydney came with! Here Syd and I are playing in the sand "box".

Mommy & Alana sporting their favorite team jerseys.

Kendall and Sydney pulling me in the wagon...It was so much fun I decided to lay down and relax!

Having fun at grandmas...

And with Sydney!

A couple days before out "Sunday Funday" Mom and I went to Fargo to swim with my mom's friend, Nicole. She had a hotel room...and I LOVED swimming with her! She thought I was such a big boy!

Climbing up the ladder so I can jump in again!

Nicole and I posing for the camera!

Ethan making me laugh! He's so funny!

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