Monday, June 4, 2012

photo shoots

Mason and Adlee get pretty sick of the camera that is attached to mommy's hand all the time..but they produce some great shots...especially now since Mom is done with work for the summer...we have lots of photo shoot time! :)

we are so sad that our current daycare is closing...we took this picture and made a card on for Annie.  We are getting her a hanging plant as well (get it?  thanks for helping us 'grow'!!)

Adlee always puts her arms behind her head when we are outside...must be a farm thing ?!?

Our little lady is smiling ALL the time!  Best model ever!

suction cup lips!

Daddy and Adlee on mother's day

Adlee::Adlo::Little Lady::Little Girlie::Sugar Plum::Ad::Miss A::Addy

Best mother's day EVER.

Mason mowing the lawn for us! :)

Outtakes from the Annie Gift photo shoot

Mason's black eye from Adlee's birthday party - finally starting to heal!

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