Wednesday, June 20, 2012

mauch family fun

 We made Orange Julius one day...Adlee couldn't get enough!

 Whenever Daddy shaves, Mason wants to as well.  So Andrew rips out the shaving gel and let's mason use a spoon has his razor!

 This picture totally sums up Mason!

 Loving time at the lake!

 Ethan, Colston and Matt were even able to join us at the lake one day...they had such a fun time together!

 Our little peanut is all smiles!!

 Adlee didn't love the boat ride very much AT ALL...

 Andrew and his mini me!

 Mason found a dust pile outside by the grain bins...he had fun for HOURS out there!

 And this is what he looked like when he was done playing in the dust...GROSS.

 I caught that little stinker peeing outside one day...whenever he is outside he will NEVER go inside to use the bathroom.  Classy, Mason.  Classy.

 Best big brother ever!

Our two little honey bunnies...we love them so much!

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