Friday, May 4, 2012

Adlee's 1st Birthday

Our little lady turned 1 year old on the 27th!!  We cannot believe a whole year has gone by since she came into our lives for good...she is such a little blessing to us! 
Adlee has her 1 year check up on Monday; but here is a little bit about her.  Adlee can:
wave bye bye
blow kisses
give kisses
almost walking (took 8 steps last night!)
steal toys from her brother
give "zerberts" to her brother
say "Dada"; "Mama" and I swear she said "papa" at Gpa Randy the other day!
Says "uh ohhh" whens he drops something
and she is such a cuddle bug.

Another picture in her cozy coupe - she loves that thing!
Adlee woke up from her birthday nap with the craziest hair!
still somewhat asleep when opening her first present
Adlee's Birthday Party Outfit - I had so much fun making a tutu for her!

 Thanks for the idea, Pinterest! :)

 Adlee was pretty shy about eating her cake...then she dug right in!

 her cake WAS so fell over in the car during transportation!

 Some of the party guests at her party!

 Sharing her cake with Great Grandma Violet

 She has THE BEST smiles

 A quick pick with Gpa Rod and Gma Jan

 Present time!  It was so nice of everyone to spoil her!

 the kids with the Brekken's - we love them SO MUCH!
 We had a big jumping castle and Mason received a big black eye...ouch!

 such a big girl!

Happy Birthday to our little Miracle...we will love you forever and ever!

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  1. I know I've been a TERRIBLE bloggy friend. I really wanted to post on the b-day post though. 1 YEAR ALREADY, SAY IT AINT SO!
    I can't hardly believe our girls are growing up so fast.
    But let me just say that Adlee is just too cute for words. Love her b-day gear, so adorable.