Friday, June 10, 2011

Random Pics

Here are some random pics of the kids from May!

 Adlee's first time in her swing!

 Mommy, Mase and Adlee the 2nd day at home!

 Adlee in her hat from her Daddy

 Kisses from Mom!

 Mason is so protective of his baby sister!

 Mason is always able to go and plant with Daddy - they both have SO MUCH FUN!

 Our snuggle bunny!

 Rachel meeting Adlee for the first time!

 Rachel's little ring bearer giving her a "dead weight" hug.  classic.

 Grandma and Grandpa Mauch came to visit on Mother's Day!

 So so tired after our day at the lake!

 Riding bike!

 Mason watching over his sister again!  we do this all the time!

 Miss A sleeping!

 Playing together :)

 Kisses for Adlee!

 Mason wants to hold her all the time!

 Daddy and his KIDS!

 We searched high and low for some workboots...and finally found some!  Mason was SO EXCITED!!

 "Look at my work boots, mommy!"


 Mason runs fast!

Mason helped me make this pom poms for Adlee's room!

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