Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miss A's Baptism

Our baby girl was baptized into the Catholic Church on June 5, 2011.  It was such a blessed day - something that we had been looking forward to for such a long time!  It was a very emotional day...and something that we will always remember.  Thank you to everyone who could spend the special day with us!

 Great Grandma Dorris - she gave us the most beautiful gift!  It was a silver baptismal certificate holder engraved with Adlee's name and grandma dorris' name.

 What a blessed day!

Great-Grandma Violet with Adlee

 4 Walsvik generations, Gma Violet, Dad, myself and Adlee

 With Adlee's godparents - Kris, Alana, Adam & Jen.  We are so blessed that Adlee has such amazing christian inspirations!

 Mom and Rod with Miss A

 Kris & Alana with Adlee - we are so thankful for them!

 What a great picture!!

 With Father Anderl - he has been such a great help to us for the past couple years!

 The little monster helping with gifts!!  That smile says it all...

 Adlee with her cake that turned out really PINK!

 Always laughing with Andrew...he is the BEST.

SO TIRED after a long day!  God Bless are baby girl, our little miracle!

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