Monday, June 13, 2011


We have been to the lake a couple times in the past 6 weeks!

Mason playing in the "big sand box!"

Helping to water the trees and grass :)
Getting ready for the HOT TUB!
Miss A relaxing while everyone else WORKED!

Putting Miss A's footprints in the concrete by the hot tub :)
Driving the neighbor's vehicles...loving every minute!  I think we found our next Christmas present! :)
Even letting Brody go for a drive!


the sweet kids table!

Brody is loving everything about Mason...he copies all his sweet moves!  I think we have some cousins that are going to be TROUBLE in a couple of years!

Is the hot tub HOT yet?
Adlee doing what she does best - sleep!!

Andrew giving the stink eye to his brother!

Getting ready to go tubing!

Daddy playing with Adlee

Bathtime for the kiddos - Adlee was out like a light!  We tried and tried to wake her up!

Some of the kids in the hot tub! 
Daddy and Adlee taking a nap at the lake!

Brody and Mason with Grandpa Randy!  We love him SO MUCH!

ANOTHER NAP for Daddy and Adlee...he makes having a newborn look EASY!

More hot tub time!

The kiddos watching a movie by the fire! 

More and more lake pics to come!

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