Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Cabin!

Here are some pics from our first couple days at the new cabin - we had so much fun!

Having the first "big family" meal together...we almost fit around the table!

Chowin' down!

We love swimming!

Especially with "Car-Car" (Carter)

There are fish all over at the cabin...they even nibble at your fingers and toes!
Mommy thinks we need to take care of this issue, stat!

Getting ready for bed...talking in the living room!

Cuddling with Ky-Ky (Kya), Joe and Daddy!

Most of the Mauch grandkids swimming together (sans Lakin & the B-Mauchs!)

Look at all the fish swim up to mommy!

Mom and Dad could tell when I was getting tired...I tried to nap in the water!

Snack time!

Mommy and Daddy relaxing while I napped...the fish started to really bug them after this picture was taken!

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