Thursday, April 8, 2010


Easter pictures (in reverse order!)

Sitting with Kendall and "Sinney" (Sydney)...they have their eyes on the last easter egg!

Loving the easter egg hunt at grandma Jan's and grandpa Rod's

Another egg!

I love this!

Playing with "Sinney"...we had so much fun together!

Digging for easter eggs in the sand

Mommy and I after church...this was right before Mommy turned the bath water on (to clean the tub) and then she forgot about the water running and we left for Fargo...haha. Gma and Gpa Mauch came over and shut the water off, we only had 1/2 in water in the bathroom and laundry big deal :)

Mauch Family Easter 2010

Searching for my hidden easter present
Found it under my train table! It's a Cars Doodle pro! woohoo!
Showing daddy how it works!
Happy Easter!!

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  1. Great family pictures, I'm glad you all had a good Easter!