Monday, July 27, 2009

Lake Boy

Our 2 week vacation at the lakes has sadly come to an end! Our first week at Clitheral was not very nice at all...we did not get to have one nice, hot, sunny summer day! So we tried to make the most of it by eating a lot, sitting lots in the hot tub, playing games inside and watching movies! Our 2nd week at Grandma Jan's lake, Pomme De Terre, was GREAT. It was sooo hot! We were outside the whole time playing on the beach and swimming! Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!

All packed up and ready to go, can you believe that my Mom and Dad have this much stuff?!?

This picture is from 'Kids Day' at Clitheral Lake, we were so excited to open gifts; I was running running running!

My Daddy and Uncle Ben messin' around...

Grandma helping me open some of my 'Kids Day' gifts!

A sweet ball I got on 'Kids Day' - look at the huge mess behind me!

Just chillin out and relaxing with Grandpa Randy and Braya in the Lounge...this thing is supposed to be in the water!

Hanging out in the cabin with Grandma and the Brodster! We are going to be Best Friends one day!

Another boat ride...I loved it!

Trying to get candy from the pinata on 'Kids Day'; thankfully grandma Kathy saved me a stash because my crazy cousins grabbed all of the candy before I had a shot!

I loved playing on the lounge!

Trying to break the pinata again...

Yes...too many Mauch's in the hot tub!

Trying to play Twister with the big kids!

Walking back to the cabin from Bonnie Beach!

Finally at Pomme de Terre with Grandma Jan! The beach was so nice...I loved walking in the water!

Breakfast on our 1st day...I was so excited to get outside Dad had to hold me down to eat!

I loved "driving" the old boat at the lake! I played in here for hours every day!

Giving grandma Jan kisses!

Mommy trying to get a picture with me - ohhh look at that food over there! yum!

Ok, this one is better!

Playing on the fun!

Daddy and I playing in my tent!

Playing with my truck in the water. What a great 2 weeks we've had!

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