Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Fun & 4th of July!

We have been super busy here are some picture from Grandma Day, the 4th of July and when family came to visit! Mom likes staying really busy because then I sleep about 12-13 hours straight at night...Mom says its the BEST! This weekend we are going to my Mom's family reunion in Mayville...I will get to meet A LOT of my family for the first time! After that, I am going to the lakes for about two weeks! One week with the Mauch's (and all my crazy 10 Mauch cousins..) and one week with Grandma Jan & Grandpa Rod. Should be a great time!
Have a good weekend!
My cousin Cody and I at Grandma Day - I love hanging with him!

My cousin Carter and I playing in the pool!

Jumping on the trampoline - do you like my water wings? I don't use them in the pool, I just feel cool when I wear them!

On the 4th, Mom, Dad and I went to the parade in Hankinson! I absolutely loved seeing all the trucks and having candy thrown right in my stroller!

My cousin Kya was helping me catch the candy!

Enjoying playing on the tube at the lake! Grandpa Randy, Jaxon and Lakin are all making sure I don't fall into the water!

Mommy bought me this car last summer - but I hated the water then...and now I'm so big I sink the car! Looks like my mommy will have to buy a water toy for "hefty" boys!

First boat ride of the year...I hated the boat (and lifejacket!) last year but this year I loved it! Boat rides put me fast asleep!

Grandma Kathy and I showing our patriotic spirit!!
Grandma Jan let me have a popsicle... was so cold!

Mom and dad bought a whole punch of stuff to "baby proof" the kitchen...and I broke every single now they have restorted to rubber bands...but I can still figure out how to get into the snack pantry! I am sure giving mommy and daddy a run for their money!! ha!

My uncle Bill and Sherri came all the way from Laramie Wyoming to visit...I have never met them before! I LOVED playing ball with my Uncle Bill - He is the coolest! I hope to play baseball in college just like him someday!

I just LOVED my cousin Kelsey...I sat with her all night!

She does funny things to make me she is tickling my feet!

Here I am with Great Aunt Sherri and Great Uncle Bill...I can't wait to go out to Wyoming to see them! We love them SO MUCH!

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