Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

On Saturday we went to the Pumpkin Patch (Mom's Favorite one!)!  We met Mom's friend Jen and her kids there - we had such a great time together!  Hopefully we can go again one of these weekends that Daddy is SO BUSY! :(
 One of Mason's FAVORITE things to do was play in the "play house"...we should really get him one of those of his own.  He wanted to play in it the whole time and talk to Andrew about farming on the phone!

 Adlee was SUCH a good girl - just loved being outside!

 Sitting by the fire with Ally

 Trying to talk Ally and Haylee into going for a horse-drawn wagon ride!

 Getting ready to go through the Spooky Forest - sitting like such a gentlemen!

 With Chelsea, Connor, Haylee, Jen and Ally!  We had such a great time together!

 Riding the Barrel Cars - I loved this!

 At Penny & Pals - wasn't too sure how he felt about it - he doesn't like to "participate" in things like this! :)

Having a little picnic with Haylee - too bad they are RELATED! :)

 Whoa!  Mason actually jumped up and started dancing with Haylee!  Way to participate, Mase!

 Really bustin' a move here!

 Looking at all the animals!

 Haylee and Mason are so funny together!

 so cute!
 Mommy, Adlee and Mason - we miss Daddy!

Mason took a picture of Mommy and Adlee - even Haylee snuck in with her sucker! :)

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