Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daddy's boy

Mason is such a Daddy's boy...Harvest is such a hard time for him!  We miss Daddy so much and can't wait for his next day off and for Harvest to be DONE!  We pray every day for a SAFE harvest for dad!

Mason LOVES living so close to the shop and being able to see the "action" all the time.  After bath time one night, he sat by the window and STARRED at the shop (he could see Andrew working)...then he just fell asleep like this!  OUT COLD!  He slept like that for about 30 minutes until I moved him downstairs to his room!

Daddy and Adlee - they hadn't seen eachother in a couple days - they loved eachother up that night!

Mason LOVES when he can go with Daddy to work - he talks about it all the time.  He HAS to wear his work boots no matter how hot it is outside - he's so funny!

Mason's photography skills at work again - he wanted Mom and Dad to have a picture together!

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