Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Fun

Daddy went to Vegas last weekend with the boys, so Mommy and I tried to keep busy the whole weekend!  We were lucky to have Alana, Kendall, Sydney, Matt, Ethan, and Colston stay with us!  The house was PACKED!

 We went bowling on fun!  I gotta a little bored between Alana and I had a dance party!

 the mighty bowler...

 Hanging out!


 Coloring with Colston!

 Cuddling with Alana

The three amigos

 Ethan and I have so much fun together...

Dad needs to quit ordering work stuff...Mommy can't handle all the packing peanuts around the house!

Daddy's coming home!  Here is the sign I made (with Sydney's help)

Baking cookies with Daddy!  It is SO GOOD to have him home and our family back together!  I was SO EXCITED when we picked him up at the airport...we sure are lucky to have such an awesome Daddy!

One more pic of Ethan and myself!

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