Monday, March 7, 2011

Santa in February?

Happy Birthday to me!  Mom and Dad had such a fun weekend plan for me (last weekend!).
Mommy and I brought Daddy breakfast in bed on my birthday!  I loved doing this for Daddy, it was so much fun!  He loved it!  Then Mommy and Daddy gave me my big birthday present - a bike!  Santa even came to our house for my birthday!

I was pretty excited to help Daddy eat his breakfast in bed!

Looks so good daddy!

Daddy and I are so much alike!

Gma and Gpa Mauch came over for supper and cake on my Birthday

We even had ice cream cake!  yum!

Then my surprise knocked on the window...SANTA!!!

Hi Santa!  Come into my house!

Santa gave me underwear and a new book to read on the toilet!!

I was loving Santa in February!

I even had to show Santa my new bike...He thought "Steve McQueen" was on it!  haha, Silly Santa.

Thanks for coming to my house to pep me up for potty training...I'm doing SO GOOD!

On my sweet new wheels!

Opening up my new helmet to go with my new bike!

I love this bike!

Riding in the kitchen!

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