Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree, playing outside and cookie baking!

We have had a very busy winter so far....lots of baking, playing outside and decorating for christmas!

Mommy showed me how to make snow is my favorite!

Sittin', Chillin', no big deal.

Mom and Dad are real slave drivers...they made me shovel!

Daddy and I built a snowman! It was so fun!

It was my first snowman...Daddy was teaching me so much!

We had to put snow everywhere!

Daddy and I getting ready to go outside again! I LOVE the snow!

Helping Mommy decorate the tree...I wanted to do it by myself!

I liked to throw the "balls" at the tree...Mommy even found a big cluster of decor balls inside of the tree! so funny!

Posing by the finished we just need to get lots of presents!

Cookie baking at Gma Kathy's house!

All the cookie bakers with Great Gma Dorris - notice how I am playing with tractors instead of posing so nicely with my female cousins?

We love Great-Grandma Do-Do!

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