Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas, Part I

Last weekend, we had our BMWWW Christmas! BMWWW = Brekken, Mauch, Walsvik, Wiltse, & Wahlund - my whole (mom's side) of the family! We had such a great time...even Santa came!! I wasn't scared of him like I was last year...I kept giving him hugs and kisses! I LOVE SANTA!

Some of the presents underneath my Christmas tree!

Ethan and I having a little snack before dinner...Gma's lefse is the BEST!

Waiting patiently to open gifts!

Starting to get a little silly...

We are all pondering why it is taking so long for everyone to settle down and open

Tickle Fight! Uncle Matt is winning!


You wouldn't happen to have a present for me, would you Santa?

THANK YOU SANTA! You gave me a gift! We love Santa!

The Grandkids with Santa...I wanted to make sure that all of us had presents!

Hotwheels - awesome!

Dad! Look what Santa gave me!

Dad, are you sure that present is for you?

OH MY GOSH! Look at everyone go! hahahhahaha

What did I get! What did I get!?

Playing scrabble with Gma and the big kids

Let's make the word SANTA

Playing with my new BF Garett in my tractor tent! I love this thing!

Loving every minute!

Mommy & Daddy (& my brother or sister)...
They have SO MUCH to be thankful for this Christmas

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