Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Lake Pics

Mommy and I have been bad bloggers lately, sorry! Here are some pics from the end of the summer!

Mommy and I went to pick apples for apple crisp, apple bread, apple sauce and much more!

I only liked to pick the "baby" apples...I thought they were so cute!

Mommy and I made these chocolate pumpkin (baseball) cupcakes for my half-birthday for daycare...I can't believe I am almost 3!!! Annie (my daycare lady) thought it was pretty fun that we celebrate half-birthday's at my house!

Mommy and Daddy at the lake!

All the Mauch Grandkids tree faces!

Helping Daddy and Grandpa put the tree faces up!

I was such a big helper! Grandma even got out my own ladder to climb!

Helping my Daddy bale some wheat...can you see me in the tractor!?

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