Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Catchin' up on photos!

Since we have been bad bloggers, mommy and I decided to do one big post! We have been pretty busy with football, playing outside, and having family and friends over! I even got to see my best friend baby Sydney again!

The Wahler's came to visit one day; and Lani got to play with me in my "Boody" tent! (Boody = Buzz & Woody)

Daddy helping me hold Baby Sydney...I love holding her!

We went over to Gabe and Betsy's to watch the big Bison game v. KU

Hanging out with Rob Blah blah blah blah...We had a great time together!

Trying to get a pick with Gabe...he's my favorite!
(And if you are wonding why I'm not wearing pants, it is because I spilt water all over them so they were drying outside!)

Matt, Ethan & Cole came for the Mooreton Labor Day Parade...I loved having them here! Here we are walking to the parade!

Look! Rambo came to the parade!

Uncle Matt and Colston waiting for the parade to begin!

Our favorite neighbors - the Woltjer's!

The parade started! I was so excited to see all the trucks, tractors, cars and semi's!

Fight for the candy!

I didn't really care about the candy, I was just so excited to see the parade!

Colston was able to come and have a slumber party with us a couple days after the parade...I loved having a playmate! It was so much fun!

We are the BEST of friends...blood brothers!

Cousins don't shake hands...cousins gotta hug!!!!! BIG HUG!

After Colston left, I had to have some cuddle time with my Dad!

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