Monday, May 10, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Gabe, one of Daddy's best friends was married over the weekend! Mom and Dad were able to bring me to the groom's supper and rehearsal dinner...I had a great time...maybe even made a new girlfriend! :) I got to go to Grandma Jan's during the wedding and reception...I had a great time with "papa" Rod!

Dancing in the back room at the rehearsal dinner

Piper's Mommy caught me and Piper kissing...LOOK OUT! Don't let Piper's Daddy find out!

Mommy with Piper and myself!

We had so much fun running and screaming in the halls! I think I taught Piper how to be loud and a little annoying :)

Sitting with my new favorite person - Twan! I just walked around all day Sunday asking about Twan! :)

Making many friends at the groom's supper!

Getting ready for the big day with Adam and Daddy!
Mommy and Daddy right after the wedding
The Newlyweds!

Gabe and Daddy
Kluge and Daddy having waaayyy too much fun at the dance!

Mommy and Daddy again right after the dance!
Congrats Gabe and Betsy!

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