Thursday, April 30, 2009

My 1st hair cut!

Today Mommy and I went to Lil' Whipper Snippers in Fargo to get my first hair cut! I think Mom was nervous about the whole situation, but I did a great job! I sat nicely in the chair and watched Elmo on TV...and grabbed as many combs from the hairdresser as possible!

Putting the cape we go! Goodbye curly locks!

Watching Elmo...this was a real treat!

I look pretty good so far...

Hubba hubba!

Give me another comb, lady!

OMG...look at all the hair that has been cut off!

What?? You're going to cut my bangs too?

All done! I make this look good!
All done with my 1st hair cut! Away we go!

Since I did such a great job getting my hair cut, Mom took me to the dinosaur playland to play a little bit. I am SICK of her taking pictures of me!

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