Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have a new cousin!

My Uncle Ben and Aunt Beth have a new addition to the family...they had A BOY on the 18th of April! They already have two girls...Brooklyn & Braya...and we were SURE they were going to have another girl...but they had a boy! They named him Brody Benjamin...and he is so cute! I am so excited to have another cousin! I now have 16 cousins...6 on the Walsvik side and 10 on the Mauch side!

My Daddy holding Brody...he was only 7lbs when he was born!

That is my Daddy's brother, Ben. Ben was so excited to FINALLY have a boy!

I didn't really understand what a baby was...I wanted to play with all the fun gadgets in the hospital room!

I have a picture in my room of my Daddy holding me like this!!

He looks just like his big sister Brooklyn did when she was born!

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