Monday, January 14, 2013

Our wish came true...


We thought that we would try for just one more baby to add to our family...and we found out at the end of November that we were pregnant with TWINS!  We are over-the-moon excited...and still a little in shock.  We are now 13 weeks along...everything is looking PERFECT!  Babies are due this summer...end of June or early July.  We are so very lucky to be able to expand our family and are thankful for this opportunity every day!
Our 6 week ultrasound when we found out there were two!  I had a feeling because my HCG levels were very high compared to my previous 4 pregnancies...but I thought it was just a "good" pregnancy...

Our 8.5 week ultrasound...we were so nervous that one or both of the babies were not growing...and boy oh boy...THEY WERE!!  It became more real after this ultrasound and we told our parents.

Below are pictures from our most recent ultrasound - at almost 13 weeks.  Both babies are measuring right on track.  Baby A's heart rate was 146 and Baby B's heart rate was 159 - PERFECT!  We could see fingers, toes...and they were moving around like crazy.  I'm already feeling the "flutter"!  It is the best feeling in the world...and we are so thankful.  We have a pretty good feeling what gender each baby is (but we know they are NOT identical - they are fraternal) but we will have to wait until the end of February to confirm it!

We told Mason a couple days after Christmas what was going on - even though he had a pretty good idea because I have been so sick.  When we told him that we had two babies in my tummy...and stated, "Now I don't have to have friends anymore because I can just play with them!"  He is so funny!  Adlee doesn't really understand...but she always lifts up her shirt and says, "Babies!"  We are so grateful for this and pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery!

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  1. We are so happy for you, and glad to hear that things are going well! Those ultrasound pics are amazing.

    Sorry to hear you've been so sick; I hope you'll feel better now that you're near the second trimester.