Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mooreton Labor Day Festivities

On September 1, we attended the Mooreton Labor Day Parade and festivities.  The kids had such a great time!
Mason and his BF Luke waiting for the parade to begin!

Waving to the clowns!

Emily and her honey bunny, Harper.
Mason was old enough to partake in the Tractor Pull this year.  He was so excited!  He waiting patiently for his turn...I think there were about 12 other kids in the pull as well.  He jumped on and TOOK OFF!!
Mason's 3rd cousin (or 2nd cousin...Her dad and Mason's dad are cousins!) Hannah was also in the tractor pull!  She did a great job.

another cute pic of em and harpie!

Tootsie rolls, always the favorite.

Mason's trying so hard!

It was so awesome to hear the crowd cheering for him...He took off on the tractor like he wasn't pulling anything!  So proud of our little rockstar.

Mason won FIRST PLACE!  He was pretty excited to get a trophy...even brought it to school that next day for "Show and Tell."  We are proud! :)

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