Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Springtime fun!

We have really enjoyed being outside in this awesome weather!  Mason and Adlee can't get enough of playing with all their outside toys - it is going to be a great summer!

Mason pushing Adlee in "her" car!

 Mason wanted to "race" with Adlee - he's such a goober!

 Adlee LOVES the swing!

 They look like caged animals...

 Our little chunky monkey...

 Kisses from Mommy!

 Mom is always the one behind the camera, so Dad thought he should do a photoshoot with Mom and Adlee!

 Our little honey - almost 1!

 Thanking Gma and Gpa for watching the kids while we were on vacation in the Bahamas!  We are so thankful that they could do it for us - We had such an amazing time!
 Mason and Adlee (& mom) made Gma and Gpa a photobook of all the great times they have had together!

 Mason really wanted to try to ride with no training wheels - he did great!


 Mason LOVES sneaking into Adlee's room, turning on the light and waking her up!

 Just our typical photoshoot outside :)

Showing Daddy some love!

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