Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy 9 months, Adlee!

Adlee had her 9 month check this week; she weighs a whopping 21 pounds-85th percentile- (what mason weighed at 5 1/2 months :) and is in the 58th percentile for height! She has three teeth (one on top just popped through!) She loves playing with her big brother and is a fast little mover. What a blessing she is to us!  Adlee just makes everything so much better :)
Mason's 4TH BIRTHDAY is quickly approaching...I can't believe that my first born is going to be FOUR!! We may even let him have a "friend birthday party" this year. We just had Adlee's 9 month pictures and Mason's 4 year pics taken today...they did GREAT!

We are SO LUCKY to have two beautiful, awesome, and healthy kids.

Our happy little peanut!

Smiling all the time!

Mom's photography skills at work...

Grandma Kathy's favorite picture


Loving up her Daddy.

Kisses from her big brother, her hero!

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  1. Such a big girl!

    I can't believe William is almost 4, too... where does the time go??