Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Eve with the Walsviks

The Walsvik clan came to our house this year.  It would have been great but Andrew and I were both sick with the flu!  We didn't realize it until everyone arrived that day...Thankfully my aunts stepped up to the plate and took care of everything!

Way to go, Matt.  Way to go.  (dropped ALL meatballs on the kitchen floor.)

Mason helped clean up :)

Kylee indulging in all the food!

Great Grandma Violet and Adlee

Mason having a picnic with uncle Danny and Aunt "Daphne" (Barb)

Rapping "jingle bells" for everyone so we could open gifts!

Jessica and Adlee

Mason loved uncle Danny!

Jessica painted Mason's nails when I was laying down...ugh!

"I'm pretending to be a girl, Mommy.  But ONLY pretending."  - Mason

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