Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farm Life

Ethan and Cole came to visit a couple weekends ago...the boys had SO MUCH FUN ripping up the basement and catching 100 frogs!  They thought it was so fun to make a "habitat" in the back of the gator!

Miss Adlee looking so big in the bumbo!

Mommy's first day of work; Adlee's first day at Annie's Daycare!

So proud of Miss A on her first day :)  So proud that Mommy only shed a couple of tears!

Mommy and Mason went to a birthday party in Fargo a couple weekends ago...Mason and birthday boy Kaisen had so much fun together!  They are "best friends".

Posing for pics

All the birthday party kids!  What a fun day!

Adlee snoozing on the couch after PT one day...Mommy slept for 1 hour and Adlee slept for 2.5!

Working hard outside...Mason actually helped out A LOT!  He loves helping out on the farm!

Shoveling all the dirt into the loader!

He wouldn't even use "his" (kid) shovel...he had to use the "big shovel!"

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