Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding in Denver

At the end of July we all flew to Denver for my cousin Kelsey's wedding!  It was such a great trip...but unfortunately we didn't even get a picture with the beautiful bride!  We have to go again next summer for Kelsey's sister, Brooke's hopefully we will get one then!

 Mason pumped up to get on the BIG AIRPLANE.

 Even Adlee was excited too!

 Daddy and Adlee giggling together.

 Mason was such a good boy!

They were both out like a light!

 At our hotel room...Matt, Ethan and Colston came to swim with us.  Here, uncle Matt is giving everyone the rules about swimming :)

 Best buds!

 Cousin Lane, Mason, Colston and Ethan in the back!  What fun cousins!

 The wedding was on a ski lodge in Wyoming - so beautiful!

Uncle Kris and his Goddaughter!

 Adlee just loves Kris...was smiling the whole time!

 We were able to meet Carter for the first time!  Adlee and Carter are only 4 days apart...they are our April Miracle Babies!  Here, Carter's mom (kari) is holding Adlee and Gpa Rod is holding Carter.

The day before we left, Andrew and Matt having "quiet time" with the boys!

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