Wednesday, July 13, 2011

lake babies

We have been spending a lot of our summer at the lake...and next week we are staying there with 20 other family members...WISH US LUCK!

 At grandma day...kickin butt in the relays!

 Betsy came with us to the cabin one day...Betsy and Mason caught about 20 fish!  Without a fishing pole...just a net!

 Adlee kicking back and relaxing...she's such an awesome baby!

 Daddy and his babies

 Kendall and Sydney came to the lake one day too...we had such a great time!


 At the Mantador fun!

 hanging with my cousins!

 Riding the bull at Mantador days!

 Gabe and Andrew napping at the lake!

 Betsy and Adlee!
She's so awesome...such a great friend!

 hanging out front of the cabin!

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