Thursday, February 3, 2011

Superbowl & Potty Time!

So sorry that I haven't updated in so long! Mommy was having troubles downloading pictures to blogger!

We have been keeping pretty busy these last couple of weeks! I have been in potty training boot camp and am doing really well!! I asked Mommy if Santa could come to my birthday party if I tried REALLY hard to use the toilet at least once a day...and my birthday party is this weekend so I really hope Santa can come and wish me a Happy 3rd Birthday!

At the Superbowl Party...Twan was helping me find stuff under Gabe & Betsy's couch!

We had so much fun together!

I LOVE Gabe & Betsy's house...I always have the best time there.

I'm sitting with a cheese head. Go Packers!

Potty Time with Mommy...We always have so much fun together.


I'm doing so good! Mommy is so proud of me!
Mommy and Daddy gave me "Woody" for Valentine's day...I even got my own Sheriff's badge and cowboy belt!

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