Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day

Oops, the pictures are in reverse order!

Camera from Uncle Ben and Aunt Beth! I love it! This is so nice since I just broke mom's camera!

Baseballs to go with my glove, grandma.


smiling "pretty" for the camera!

I loved sitting on Santa's lap!

Santa came knocking on the window...and he pulled me right outside! He brought me back through the front door!

During the Nativity Play...the Kings bowing before me :)
(I am baby Jesus in this scene)

I think Gma Kathy (the Director) is laughing because she doesn't know if I am Baby Jesus, a cow, an angel, or a 70's disco queen.

Baby Jesus is so strong...he tipped the manger over!

Listening to Gabriel

My sweet outfit for the play! Merry Christmas!

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